Michael Gubik

Hi, I'm Michael, fullstack web and iOS app developer with a passion for great user experience.

My background is broad, ranging from psychology (and UX design) to mathematics and computer science. Previously I mostly worked on native iOS projects in Swift. Nowadays I'm working on web apps (full stack).

When I'm not on the computer I like strength training, running, freediving, meditation, breath work, and many other activities. Recently dabbled in BJJ, currently into surfing.


  • Frontend
    • React, Svelte
  • Backend
    • Node.js & Express
    • PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB
  • Native iPhone apps
    • SwiftUI
    • UIKit
  • Product Management
    • Experience managing small teams
    • Balancing customer needs, tech, and business
    • Streamlining workflows in Notion, Figma, optionally Linear.
  • General
    • High ability to structure and condense information
    • High ability to streamline processes
  • Science
    • ability to skim and read papers across most fields
    • solid higher mathematics foundations
      • advanced knowledge in image processing
    • fundamental knowledge in academic psychology

Work values

  • Build features that make a difference - guided by user feedback and data
  • High quality where it matters. Always keeping business and the pareto principle (80/20) in mind
  • Good communication, smooth processes, excellent documentation
  • Form follows function. Great UX. Aesthetics are important.

Project references