Michael Gubik

Hi, I'm Michael, a digital nomad from Berlin. I like running, strength training, snorkeling and freediving, meditation, breath work, and many other activities.

I have a broad background ranging from psychology (and UX) to mathematics and computer science. I've mostly worked on native iOS projects with Swift. Nowadays I'm most interested in creating new products and businesses.


2022-01-31Reflecting on 2 years of COVID and the sensemaking crisis


Quick Note for Notion
Add quick notes directly to your Notion without delay or distraction.
Tech: iOS Swift
Calendar generator
12 weeks on one physical page. Mark only the most important milestones and events. Optionally strike out past days to get a progress-bar like indication of time passing.
Tech: JS React SVG PDFKit
Copy Apple Watch HealthKit Workouts to your calendar.
Topic: quantified-self
Tech: iOS Swift
Link: GitHub
EOL'd and outdated. I use Geofency now.
Free iOS app. You set up locations (like office, home, gym) and then whenever you go there, this utility will log it to a "Locations" calendar that you can view with your normal Calendar apps on iOS and macOS. Quite useful to review where you spend your time.
Topic: quantified-self
Tech: iOS Swift