Michael Gubik

Open-minded software developer1. Passionate about efficient and satisfying human-computer interaction and innovation therein. Background in computing, mathematics, and psychology.


Calendar generator
12 weeks on one physical page. Mark only the most important milestones and events. Optionally strike out past days to get a progress-bar like indication of time passing.
Tech: JS React SVG PDFKit
Copy Apple Watch HealthKit Workouts to your calendar.
Topic: quantified-self
Tech: iOS Swift
Link: GitHub
EOL'd and outdated. I use Geofency now.
Free iOS app. You set up locations (like office, home, gym) and then whenever you go there, this utility will log it to a "Locations" calendar that you can view with your normal Calendar apps on iOS and macOS. Quite useful to review where you spend your time.
Topic: quantified-self
Tech: iOS Swift


1. “software developer” - for the lack of a better term for now. At the core I identify more as a researcher / (wannabe‑)inventor. I don't love software-development in itself. I find it frustrating too often and I think the status quo of programmer tools in 2019 is quite lacking (if you look at it from a historical perspective). But I'm highly interested in software development on this meta-level, i.e. understanding how we develop software, and human-computer interaction in general. In my opinion there are incredible productivity-gains achievable through better software-tools and since software is so deeply intertwined with the overall economy I think it's important to be aware of the fact that even seemingly tiny improvements can generate a lot of value. I'll put some writing up soon. Make sure to watch everything from Alan Kay and Bret Victor on YouTube.